Is Tom Felton Married In 2020?

Who is Daniel Radcliffe dating right now?

actress Erin DarkeAnd Daniel Radcliffe is quarantining in New York with his girlfriend of nearly eight years, actress Erin Darke..

Who Has Emma Watson dated?

Here’s a list of all the guys Emma Watson has publicly dated over the last few years.1 Chord Overstreet – 2018.2 William “Mack” Knight – 2015 – 2017. … 3 Roberto Aguire – 2015. … 4 Matthew Janney – 2014. … 5 Johnny Simmons – 2011. … 6 George Craig – 2010. … 7 Rafael Cebrián – 2009. … 8 Jay Barrymore – 2008 – 2009. … More items…•

Who is Tom Felton’s wife?

Jade played Astoria Greengrass in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. In real life, Tom hasn’t ever married, nor had children.

Is Tom Felton getting married?

This piece will look at Tom Felton’s love life. We can confirm that he is not married.

When did Tom Felton get married?

2008Jade GordonTom Felton/Marry dates

Is Tom Felton and Emma Watson in a relationship?

Every time photos of Emma and Tom hanging out are posted online, we are in awe of how close they are. However, they have not become a couple. Regardless of what happens, these two are giving fans hope that the Harry Potter cast still hang out with each other.

Is Rupert Grint married?

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint (born 24 August 1988) is an English actor. He rose to fame for his role as Ron Weasley, one of the three main characters in the Harry Potter film series….Rupert GrintOccupationActorYears active2000–presentPartner(s)Georgia Groome (2011–present)Children14 more rows

Does Malfoy have a crush on Hermione?

There is no textual evidence to suggest Draco Malfoy had a crush on Hermione Granger. The Yule Ball is often the source of Malfoy’s imaginary crush on Hermione. Pansy Parkinson gaped at her as she walked by with Malfoy, and even he didn’t seem to be able to find an insult to throw at her.

Does Emma Watson Have a Boyfriend 2020?

Emma Watson was spotted with her boyfriend, Leo Robinton, on a London coffee date earlier this week. Watson and Robinton have been dating for at least a year.

How old is Draco?

Ever wonder how old Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series really is? Well, thanks to J.K. Rowling, we can confirm that he just turned 35! A fan realized that June 5 is Draco’s birthday, so she tweeted the author and asked how old Draco (played by Tom Felton in the film franchise) is turning.

Who is Rupert Grint dating?

Georgia Groome”Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint and girlfriend Georgia Groome welcomed a baby girl, a representative for the couple confirmed to Insider on Thursday.