What Job Level To Get Jp Up In Freelancer Bravely Default

How do you grind JP in Bravely Default?

Set you two main attackers to do 2 crescent moons each and then others default.

Put in 4x speed, auto-battle, and turn battle encounters to 100%+ in the config menu and spam away.

During the daytime, you often run into a large group of these small guys that die right away but give you 999+ JP in one battle..

Does JP up stack Bravely Default?

JP Up does not stack with multiple instances of the ability or the Growth Egg. So, if you have the Growth Egg, that 2x will override the 1.2x gain. But on the other hand, you *can* stack JP Up with More Money, something you can’t do with Growth Egg (which gives you no pg at all).

Where do you get the growth egg in Bravely Default?

Bravely Default It can be bought from the Adventurer for 500000 pg by raising the accessories shop to level 10 during the Norende Village Reconstruction.

Do growth eggs stack ff6?

No, Growth Eggs do not stack.